Thameslink Programme

The Thameslink Programme is a £6 billion project to upgrade and expand the Thameslink rail network across south-east England – providing new and longer trains and requiring station remodelling and new infrastructure. Having started in 2009, work is expected to be finished in December 2019.

On completion, the Thameslink network will be able to handle a nominal peak period frequency which is equivalent to 1 train every 2½ minutes through the Central London core between St Pancras and Blackfriars.

Planancy Role
Planancy staff have been an integral part of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Programme & System Integration Team – communicating with industry partners to ensure that the Department maintains an overview of the Thameslink Programme.

Programmes and work stream trackers from the industry partners are brought together by Planancy for incorporation into a package of documentation for the DfT. The package is presented at monthly Project Steering Group meetings.

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