Data Management & Reporting

The burgeoning data flows of the modern project means that more information is available and it’s available quicker. This should make it easier to predict and control future works and open up opportunities. Often, time is invested in establishing stand-alone systems which record data that can be useful to other areas of the project. The shared benefits of these systems may not be recongnised or maybe the data can not be passed across in an effective format.

To deal with these issues, we have set up a modular database system which will record all data, from time spent by team members on the project (TIMEX) through to recording NCRs and final snags (SNAGMAN). Whether used as a standalone database, combined with our other modules or linked into your own systems using our customised solutions, these tools will help to manage and communicate your project to all stakeholders.


  • Customise Project Outputs into Management Information Systems
  • Timesheet Management
  • Database Design and Integration
  • Spreadsheet / Database Automation
  • Resource Management Systems
  • Procurement Schedules
  • Snagging Databases