NEC Papers

NEC Contracts

NEC3 / NEC4 – Overview

These papers provide an overview of the NEC3 & NEC4 Editions of the Engineering & Construction Contracts summarising the key features and structure of the NEC family of contracts. The papers will act as useful background when working on Contractor’s Programmes and when analysing delay claims. The NEC4 paper also outlines the key differences between NEC3 and the current edition, NEC4 and it emphasises the core time and cost clauses to look out for.

NEC3 / NEC4 – Project Planning Requirements

These papers will assist in compiling Project Plans under the NEC suite of Contracts. Included within the documents is a comprehensive list of definitions that will appear in the Contract Data under an NEC Contract. The documents also include a check list of all the activities and milestones that might be expected (as a minimum requirement) to be included within a Contractor’s Programme under NEC and therefore could be a useful checklist when requesting information from a client.

NEC3 / NEC4 – Compensation Events Flowchart

These process flowcharts should allow you to understand the sequence that is to be followed from when an event is first notified, through to its close out (implementation). This is a fundamental process to understand on an NEC project and together with the guidance notes within this website, should give you a clearer understanding of how contractually the process is intended to work.