Thames Tideway Tunnel

The Thames Tideway Tunnel, at 25 km long, up to 66m deep and more than 7m wide is the biggest infrastructure project undertaken by the UK water industry. The primary purpose of the project is to reduce sewage overflows into the River Thames, thus delivering improved water quality. It generally follows the route of the River Thames enabling it to receive connections from combined sewer overflows dotted along the riverbanks.

Tunnelling is due for completion in 2021 and following commissioning in 2022, all works are due for completion in 2023.

Planancy Role
Planancy was commissioned by two of the delivery partners to provide construction planning and programme monitoring on two separate Thames Tideway work streams – the Dormay Street wall advance works (Jackson CE) and Vessel Relocations (VolkerStevin)

Programme updates in P6 software, earned value reports and dashboard presentations were provided at monthly intervals throughout our commission

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