In 2014, Network Rail awarded HVMS the framework for Power Enhancement Supply (PSE), DC Switchgear Renewals and 25kV AC Switchgear Renewals across the southern region.

The framework covered a substantial part of the region’s workbank in control period five (CP5) with works planned for 100+ locations.

Planancy Role
Planancy was commissioned by the client to create an interactive map that would aid them with their CP5 delivery and planning. It was required that the map present site locations and information as well as offering the ability to filter visible sites by work scope or planned date.

The map was created to the client’s requirements and hosted on the Planancy website. It featured a custom user-interface which allowed the ability to dynamically filter and search the work sites.

As a framework tool it provided an excellent geographical overview of the work scope, presenting key information for both the client and subcontractors alike.

SectorMappingServiceFramework ToolsClientHVMSLinkhttp://www.railway-technology.com/contractors/electrification/hvms/

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