Sandwich Town Tidal Defences

This tidal defence scheme was designed to raise the level of flood protection along 15 reaches of the River Stour in Sandwich from a 1 in 20 to a 1 in 200 standard.

Works included the construction of off-line tidal flood relief areas, raised embankments, new sections of reinforced concrete and sheet piled flood walls and the creation of new wildlife habitats within existing dykes and ditches.

Planancy Role
Planancy was commissioned by the client at the mini-competition tender stage to deliver planning advice and a detailed tender programme using Microsoft Project software. This was part of a bid for selection as a construction framework contractor and also to provide value engineering expertise during business case preparation and detailed design stages.

Numerous environmental and tourism constraints influenced the programme and a significant amount of background research was required by Planancy staff in order to determine timescales in relation to bird nesting, fish breeding, reptile translocation and their associated licences.

The result was a comprehensive delivery programme taking into account accurate contingency predictions for each constraint.

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