Deptford Lounge

Deptford Lounge and Tidemill Academy are the centrepiece of the regeneration of Deptford Town Centre.

This multi-award winning complex which opened its doors in 2012 is situated close to Deptford High Street and provides a range of community services including a public library, business studios, study areas, exhibition space, café, room hire and a roof-top ball court.

The innovative development which includes 38 affordable apartments shares its facilities with the state of the art primary school – Tidemill Academy.

Planancy Role
Planancy was commissioned by the client Lewisham Borough Council to construct a 3D visual representation of the completed project.

The model took approximately 3 months to complete and was built from a combination of design drawings and photographs.

The initial 3D drawings, produced using the Sketch-up software were transformed into motion views by careful attention to camera paths, lighting and music integration. The final product – a 4 minute video/fly-through can be viewed on the Planancy website.

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