Eversholt Rail Integration

In April 2016, Northern Rail, the UK’s largest train operator outside London announced an investment of £580m in 98 new electric and diesel trains which are due to be launched into service before December 2019. The new trains are being built by Spanish company CAF and will be tested in the Czech Republic. The on board technology will require a completely new maintenance regime, major updates will be needed at some of the Northern depots and extensive operator training will be necessary.

The new trains form part of Northern’s modernisation plans, which also include more services, faster connections and improvements to stations.

Planancy Role
Planancy was commissioned by Eversholt Rail to develop Northern’s train delivery programme for ‘entrance into service’ by integrating the manufacturing, delivery and documentation elements into one complete programme.

The integrated programme is monitored and progressed on a monthly basis to include performance against key dates, manufacturing delivery tracking, integrated schedule diagrams and pathway to provisional acceptance. We also provide in depth analysis on the critical elements within the fleet delivery programmes.

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